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Sole Trader or Limited Company?

Which is best for you? Many businesses begin life as a sole trader, it’s just how most people start out, and you may have heard that you can save tax by running your business through a limited company.  With more personal responsibility on you as a sole trader when it comes to factors such as [...]

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Warranties in a Business Sale

What are warranties and why are they important? Following on from our article on Due Diligence, after the investigations have been carried out the parties should hopefully now understand exactly what is being bought and sold. In order to ensure that the parties are fully protected, the contract selling the business will need to include [...]

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Due Diligence

What is Due Diligence and why is it important? Due diligence is a phrase often bandied about by lawyers, but what does it actually mean? Legal due diligence is essentially an investigation into a business by a buyer or investor to make sure they are getting what they think they are paying for. A buyer [...]

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Banned: Credit Card Surcharges

From 13 January 2018, the Payment Services Regulation 2017 comes into effect amending previous Regulations and businesses will no longer be allowed to add a surcharge when accepting payments from its customers (whether online or other distance means, or face to face). If you are currently adding a surcharges to customer transactions, you must take [...]

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5 Top Tips When Dealing With A Business Dispute

A dispute is challenging enough at any time but if you’re finding that you have an issue that has arisen relating to a business contract, there are several ways to best deal with the situation that will be more likely to end in a positive result. Whatever the decision you take, it’s vital that you [...]

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Affordable and Accessible Legal Advice for SMEs

One size fits Hall Earlier this year I was interviewed by The Law Society Gazette, for their write up on legal advice for SME's. Ervin Hall, a Hampshire­ based consultancy, places its focus on ‘affordable and accessible’ legal advice for SMEs. ‘It is general legal and commercial support that an in-house lawyer would provide in larger companies,’ explains founder Louise Hall. ‘Most smaller companies don’t have that luxury or don’t have that [...]

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Shareholder agreements, peace and harmony: making a shared business work

Starting a new business, or buying into an existing one, is always an exciting time. All that positivity and enthusiasm! What could possibly go wrong? Everything new has an element of the unknown, that’s what makes it so thrilling. But with every new business venture comes an element of risk, especially where there are shareholders [...]

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Autumn round-up: hear how we’ve been providing legal advice for small businesses in Hampshire

All the leaves are starting to turn and we’ve been reflecting on what a busy autumn it has been for Ervin Hall so far… New business propositions are exciting and when those ideas are in free-flow it can be easy to forget about the ‘nuts and bolts’ stuff, like terms and conditions, shareholder agreements and [...]

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A question of trust

"Trust is built on telling the truth, not telling people what they want to hear." Simon Sinek, Business Author and Consultant As business lawyers in Basingstoke, all our commercial relationships have to be built on trust; this is our guiding principle. When you’re looking for suitable business lawyers in Hampshire or the surrounding counties, [...]

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