What makes us different to anyone else out there who specialises in legal advice for SMEs in Hampshire?

Quite simply, Ervin Hall was born from a frustration that SMEs often seem to get the raw end of the deal when it comes to legal support. For example, a small business may not have the option of a legally-prepared set of terms and conditions due to a smaller budget, potentially resulting in legal and financial consequences when business relationships don’t go according to plan.

Some SMEs are forced to rely on generic legal templates found on the internet, opening them up to the risk of costly disputes later down the line. So we decided that there had to be a better way.

Legal advice for SMEs in Hampshire – an affordable solution from Ervin Hall

Many firms of solicitors have expensive overheads. The problem is, those overheads hit your pocket as well as theirs. You will know this all too well if you’ve investigated the cost of a solicitor in Hampshire and almost fallen off your chair when you saw their rates!

So what’s the solution? Rather than engaging a solicitor, consider a legal consultant, such as Ervin Hall’s Director, Louise Hall. With 10 years’ experience working as a solicitor for law firms, Louise has now established herself as a legal consultant, meaning she can offer her legal expertise without the expense of running a firm of solicitors; you get the legal advice your small business needs at an affordable rate, so you don’t have to take unnecessary shortcuts that may cost you more later on.

Hands-on legal support for SMEs is just a phone call away

Along with sometimes astronomical legal costs, another issue echoed around the market is that perhaps SMEs don’t always feel like they receive a very personal service.

Local SMEs sometimes find that external legal advisers from larger firms in Hampshire can be focused on many clients at once, making them hard to contact, slow to reply to queries, or with little time to truly learn about what’s at the heart of their business.

When you need legal advice, all the ‘legalese’ can make you feel lost enough, so who needs to feel like they’re low priority to boot?
As a small business, we understand the pressures you face and the challenges that crop up. Our approach means we concentrate only on you and your business when we work together. Clients have told us how reassuring it is to feel like they have the benefit of an “in house” legal adviser, without the cost of employing one full time to work in their business.

Let’s find out what works for you

Life behind our ‘legal’ desks is not going to give us a true feel for what you do. We love rolling our sleeves up and getting our hands dirty to help come up with some really practical ideas to support you. That’s why we visit all our clients (often with cake).

Are you looking for legal advice for SMEs in Hampshire? Need a legal health check? 

As legal consultants, Ervin Hall can review your contracts, leases and other key legal documents to ensure they are right for your business and that you understand your commercial rights and obligations. Don’t have these in place yet? No problem, we can help you get started. Discover more about our legal support by contacting us on 07919 164 500 or louise@ervinhall.co.uk

Ervin Hall is a legal consultancy not a firm of solicitors, changing the face of legal support for Hampshire businesses